Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Exotic Publishing By Michelle Korn Is A SCAM

Exotic Publishing at 266 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, New York.14222 US/Canada/UK 800-342-3574 operated by Michelle Korn is NOT a honest company/person. She also has the following websites that she is runs or is affiliated with:

The reason this company is bad to deal with is because of its methods of dealing with customers. The dishonest situation that occured was that a customer would order a book and then Michelle Korn at Exotic Publishing would send the customer a notice saying your information will remain private and they will not share it. However, Michelle Korn of Exotic Publishing will post customers full info (phone numbers, addresses and other private info) without a customers permission or knowledage. She is endangering anyone who has business dealings with her that do not iron out the way she wants it to be.

She is in violation with her own so called company statements. As well she is breaking customer privacy laws. You can see her bad business practices at: http://michellereviewsescortagencies.com/category/people-who-cost-us-money/
Michelle Korn of Exotic Publishing is a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY BAD to deal with. Michelle Korn is very vindictive and if you read her board you will see she is a raging madcap who should not be in business if she does not know how to handle customers who are not happy about something.

I have even had the opportunity to speak with everyone who had a dealing with Michelle whom she posted wrongfully on her board and upon hearing their side of the story it is clear that everything Michelle said at michellereviewsescortagencies.com did not happen the way she said it did.

Most of the ones she is flaming on her website at michellereviewsescortagencies.com said that they asked for their money back when they encountered her unfriendly manner and to their surprise Michelle Korn turned even more belligerent towards them. One of the customers mentioned that when they called her she was immediately unfriendly and harsh to them and was quick to be flipant at the mouth about how much her time was important and she trailed off into a self absorbant story about her expectations.

Just read her website at michellereviewsescortagencies.com and it will clearly identify that this person is defensive, unstable and should not be dealing with people's private information.

here is info on Michelle Korn: